Poster session

  • From April 15 to June 30, 2018, the submission of technical / scientific papers will be open for the ABEC Meeting 2018 – Poster Session.

    The works must be unpublished and, if approved, will be made available on the ABEC Meeting website, receiving DOI. Submissions should consist of papers containing:
    ● Title in Portuguese and English
    ● Abstract in Portuguese and English
    ● Key words in Portuguese and English
    ● Text body of 3 to 5 pages, including references, in Portuguese.

    Papers must be submitted with a Portuguese revision, but will have their final standardization and formatting done by the event team, including the adjustments to ABNT standards.
    Thus, the papers can be of the following natures:
    Experimental: systematic study of cause and effect to test, confirm or refute a hypothesis or to discover an unknown principle of reaction or interaction;
    Historical: report of experience, study of a period, scientific journal, etc., in order to create a record of what has already happened and serve as a guide for understanding future events;
    Descriptive: studies of conditions, situations or relationships to discover or analyze norms, goals, standards and methods;
    Documentation: study of scientific information to determine the nature of its content, its location or its usefulness among scholars, in order to provide those who need this information;
    Case study: focuses on a specific “environment” (a particular institution, journal, etc.) in which a given resource (technological, managerial, etc.) was applied in an attempt to solve a challenge in particular, presenting strategies that led to solutions or to the exploration of new aspects and the results obtained;
    Conceptual work: presents new concepts in scientific publishing, or describes a problem or challenge, offering suggestions for solution.

    Submission and evaluation of the works will be done through the Conference Organizing and Monitoring System (SOAC / OCS), in which the papers will be submitted, evaluated by the pairs with double blind procedure and made available on the ABEC page. All authors of each paper will receive certificates for participation, but at least one of the authors must be present during the entire exhibition period, as well as it will be essential that they are enrolled in the event.

    The authors will be advised of the results of the evaluation of their work until July 30, 2018. The submission rules, when available, can be accessed at the link below:

    To effect the submission it is necessary to register (as author) at the link above. If you are already registered and have not been able to recover the password, if you have any other questions or problems with the submission system, please contact the Coordinator of the Scientific Committee by e-mail:

    The posters will be presented at the plenary, in the Poster by Minute session, at a date and time to be announced. The authors of each poster will have one minute, timed, to invite people to meet and talk about the subject of the paper.

    The template for the poster can be downloaded from the following URL and should come with a drawstring to hang on the supports: