• ProCPC – Scientific Publishing Training Program is a hybrid training program created in partnership with Council of Science Editors (CSE)/USA, where most certification requirements can be met in Brazil during ABEC events.
    This program is intended for all those who work in scientific publishing and are interested in completing their training to perform their editorial functions in a safe and up-to-date manner.
    If you are not already part of this program, here are the steps to take part:

    In order to participate in ProCPC, you must be affiliated with ABEC or CSE and be in compliance with their annuity, during the entire qualification period.

    Program Enrollment
    Click here to register directly on the CSE website or request the registration form via email

    Enrollment fee
    The Enrollment Fee is $ 75 and must be paid directly to the CSE, only once. Click here to make the payment.

    Important: You will be considered admitted into the program upon payment of this fee and will have the requirements validated thereafter. Under no circumstances, previously performed activities will be considered as fulfilled requirements.

    From the date of admission and within 5 years, the participant must fulfill the following requirements:

    PHASE I – after payment of the enrollment fee to the CSE:

    • Attending one CSE Annual Meeting in USA;
    • Attending two ABEC Meetings in Brazil;
    • Attending three CSE Webinars. At least two must be live and one may be recorded;
    • Attending two short courses of your choice between the CSE Short Courses offered during the CSE Annual Meeting (USA) and the ProCPC short courses offered in Brazil during the ABEC Meeting.

    PHASE II – It can only be started only after completing Phase I

    • Propose a research project for evaluation of the CSE Certification Program Committee which should include the concepts learned throughout the program and addressing an emerging issue in scientific publication;
    • Present a poster at the CSE Annual Meeting or at the ABEC Meeting. If you wish, you can submit an article to the journal Science Editor, in English, which will be subject to the journal’s regular peer review process.

    CSE will present graduates with a certificate at the time that the program is completed and a formal presentation can be made at the CSE Annual Meeting or at ABEC Meeting for graduates in attendance. The graduates will be announced in Science Editor and at the Awards Luncheon at the CSE Annual Meeting.